So Thankful for U 2

Just a short check-in to tell you how grateful Jenny and I are for welcoming us to your neighborhood.

One of the loveliest parts of this process has been the interactions we’ve had with our new neighbors. A couple days ago we were in the underground wine-bar on Alberta and happened to meet a wonderful couple that live on 26th, just on the other side of a shared alley. At the time, I was chatting with the person sitting next to me at the bar when I overheard Jenny behind me say “blog” and “apologize” and “asperger”. I wrapped up my conversation about the dangers of Drop Bears with my just-met Australian friend and turned around to listen to Jenny struggle with the need to explain me. Such nice people we were lucky to meet. We can’t wait to share some wine on the Going Queen’s deck with y’all.

Case-in-point, earlier this week, an anonymous neighbor left some heartfelt artwork for us on the house. We want to acknowledge the extra effort they put into climbing up on the porch roof to install it on the second story where it could be enjoyed by all.


While we both agreed the piece represented the letters “S T F U” we disagreed on the meaning. Art is like this. It should challenge you.

Jenny was absolutely certain that it meant “Smiles Transform Friendships Unpretentiously” and gives homage to how this blog makes people feel. I thought it’s improbable that someone would use a fifteen-letter word that starts with a U outside of competitive Scrabble. Art is most powerful when it’s uncomplicated.

I was equally sure it was simply “So Thankful for U”. But of course, like all great art, it means what it means to the beholder and we both thought it was lovely.

Either way artist, know that you are seen, appreciated and your gift is accepted with an open heart. So, from both Jenny and I, we are “so thankful for u 2”!

To make sure this gift doesn’t get damaged in the weather, we’ve put a special cover over it until we can acquire a proper display.

We love you all!