We’ve moved in!

Well, around the corner anyway.  We’ve rented a house right off Going and 25th so we can be closer to the project.  We are now a 2 minute walk from the Queen.

We moved the weekend of December 16th.  Our landlord, Jennifer Mabry, lives nearby and made this a painless experience.  We are enjoying being in the neighborhood.

Our primary reason for moving nearby was to try and accelerate the project.  The secondary reason is to free up a little equity that we have in our condo and turn it into a new basement for the Going Queen.  The thirdinary reason is that our adult daughter Halie moved in with us.  Jenny begged for her to come home and she relented.  We needed a little more space to accommodate her so we pulled the trigger on the move.

The condo, which is in the Waterfront Pearl buildings, is lovely.  We were right on the water and had these views everywhere we looked.



I loved watching the river change throughout the seasons.  I liked watching it storm on the river in the winter.  I liked watching all the fishing boats show up in the April, back-bouncing roe balls, fishing for ‘springers’.  I liked all the watercraft traffic in the summer.  We were right across from two loading facilities and the large container ships would be constantly showing up in the middle of the night and would disappear a few days later.  It was fun to watch these big boats turn around in the river right in front of our windows.  We had a good sized deck and would sit outside on Summer evenings and have cocktails and watch people run, walk and bike by on boardwalk and watch the boats zoom by.

But, the condo life was not the right good fit for Jenny and I.

There is a community of owners at the Waterfront Pearl.  There are lots of get togethers like Wine-Wednesdays and Smug-Saturdays.  There are board meetings and committees.  But we didn’t connect with all of that.  We got fussed at for having the wrong color curtains.  We were always breaking some rule or another like carrying in a piece of furniture without having the proper approval or letting Ruby gallop up and down the hall at full speed without a leash as if I that wasn't a good thing.  We found our four-hundred or so neighbors to be very tense while navigating the parking garages below the buildings.  We didn’t like the ‘feel’ of taking an elevator to get to our home and having people right next to us all the time.  Some people are better suited for that lifestyle.

But, I will miss the condo.

If any of you have driven by the Going Queen recently, you may have noticed that it looks exactly the same as it did six months ago.  I’ve even been asked if we are still going to remodel the house a few times.  Ouch.

Yes, we are.  From the outside, there hasn’t been a lot going on.  But we’ve been hard at work making this happen.

This is just a quick announcement about our relocation to the Alberta neighborhood.  I’ll follow up in a day with the all the details about the project and catch everyone up to date.