Hello Neighbors!

Written by Robert

We thought our neighbors must be curious and concerned as to whom purchased the property and what they planned on doing with it.  We wanted to start off on the right footing with everyone so on Sunday Jen and I walked around to all the nearby homes to drop letters of introduction and to describe our intentions.

When we showed up at our house, we found two of our new neighbors already in the yard having  a discussion about a pile of junk.  We got to meet them both and they gave us a warm welcome to the neighborhood.  We invited them to go into the house and assuage their curiosity.  We handed them the letter we wrote and left them to poke around.  Jen and I took a quick walk around the area to put the rest of the letters into neighboring mailboxes.

I got caught on the porch of the house immediately to the west, looking for the mailbox and was, again, warmly welcomed to the neighborhood by sisters Sue and Mary.  They told me it was a great place to live and were all smiles.  One of them is a nurse and told me that if I got hurt remodeling that place, to just come over and she could fix me up.  I walked off the porch and cried a bit.  I've needed a nurse next door really bad before in my life and was a little overcome by that offer.

Here is the letter:


Hello from Jennifer and Robert!

We just purchased the 1910 Queen Anne next door.

Our intention is to keep the structure and remodel.  We’ve purchased the property as our home, not as an investment, and plan on making it beautiful.  The work will be professionally done, in the shortest amount of time possible, with the least impact as possible on our neighbors.  We expect it to take about a year.  We live on the west side and are looking forward to moving in.

If you are interested, you can follow our progress here (there not much there yet, as this is day 2):


Our first steps are to clean up the property of all the junk.  After that, we’ll be demoing the interior of the home.  We are going to try and do this a soon as we can.  We have an environmental company coming out first to ensure it’s safe of any hazardous materials and to provide abatement services if it’s not.  We will also have a surveyor out to mark the property line and get us a base-line for documentation we’ll need for permits.

The clean up and demo will be a little noisy because we’ll need to use small a bobcat on the exterior mess but hopefully it will be quick.  The interior demo will be noisy too but hopefully less so since it’s on the inside.

We’ll likely have dumpsters in the street during the demo and we’ll have them taken away as soon as we are done.

After that, we’ll be working with our builder on the design, permits, materials acquisition etc.  Once we are have all that done, we’ll start the remodel effort sometime in the late spring if it all goes well.

Our sincere goal is to not inconvenience our neighbors as much as is possible.

There is no way we aren’t going to blow it a few times, but we are going to work hard to try and prevent that.  Please know when we make a mistake, it’s not our intention, and we want to fix it as soon as possible.  Please take down our contact information and reach out if you see a problem so we can deal with it right away.

We are exquisitely happy to have the opportunity to make something nice out of this home and live in your neighborhood.  If you have any stories about the history of this place, we’d love to hear them.


Sincerely & Neighborly,


Jen and Rob