Written by Robert

In the first few days after we took possession, we’ve had the opportunity to meet the pervious owner's family, talked with some of our new neighbors both in person and by email, and tried to find more information on-line.  I want to take a moment to write some of the things down so I won’t forget and can look into them later:

  • The house may have been built earlier than city records indicate.  One neighbor said that he was told that the house was built in the 1880’s, not in 1910 as the records show.
  • The house was a showcase home in the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition that was held in Portland (one hint that the recorded date may be wrong).
  • There are rose bushes lining the sidewalks around the house.  The rose bushes are more than 110 years old and are from the 1905 world expo.  Apparently, there were rose bushes lining Going Street during the expo and these are what is left of them.
  • The large beams in the ceiling of the living room are there because the house was sagging.  The beams were sourced from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that burnt down.  You can see bright red paint on the beams which I assume is KFC red.  There are more Kentucky Fried Chicken beams behind the garage.
  • The house used to be funeral home and is probably haunted.
  • The previous owners lived there for 33 years.  When they took possession, the house was in period condition.  All the original trim, glass and decorative architectural pieces were removed.
  • There is a family of trash pandas living in the dilapidated porch on the back go the house
  • There are gold coins buried in two places in the yard.
  • There are established table grape vines along the western fence line and the grapes are fantastic

Can't wait to learn more.  Leave a comment below if you know anything about the property!