Getting Started

We are getting started on our renovation project.  As you can probably guess, first step is to clean everything up.

Tim has laid out a plan for us for the first phase. 


Here is the plan:

  • Re-key the house and garage and install a lock box on job.
  • Get Certified Environmental Consulting in and find out were all he asbestos is.
  • Get a budget on cleaning the yard clean up with a small excavator.
  • Get a bid on the cleaning out the house and garage out of old personal items.
  • Get bids on the asbestos removal.
  • Get bids on a surface demo of the entire interior of the home.
  • Contact survey company to survey location of both structures and find corner markers.
  • Start the as-built drawings on the property so we have floor plans to work with.

And then over the next 4 weeks…

  • Clean out the property, inside and out of all the junk
  • Demolish the interior of the home and carry away all the materials

So by mid March, we’ll have everything cleaned up and can start the design work.