In 2004, I moved from San Francisco to a ranch in Northern California.  I named it Scarlet's Run after my best dog Scarlet.

The home was a split-level ranch style home situated on 20 acres.

When Jenny and I left Scarlet's Run, we had added a deck down by the creek, a water system, a barn, a 5,000 square foot garden and orchard, a large coop and small animal shelters.

At it's peak, Jenny had populated Scarlet's Run had 120 chickens, 16 muscovy ducks, 15 heritage turkeys, 6 geese, 7 goats, 5 cats, 2 sheet, a llama, a donkey, 3 horses, 5 dogs and 4 humans.

When we sold Scarlet's Run in 2015, our realtor had a drone fly over of the property for marketing purposes.


Click here to see pictures of the ranch.