Progress Report #3

The interior demolition is progressing.  It appears to be about 70% complete.  As soon as you walk in the front door, you can start to get a feel what it might look like fully opened up.  You can see all the way to back wall where the kitchen used to be.

The brick fireplace, that runs through 4 floors, all the way to the basement, used to be the primary source of heat.  Pot belly stoves used to be set up on each floor, in the various rooms, and were plumbed into this central chimney.

We really love the way this chimney looks and fantasize about leaving it in place.  You can see it pass through each floor on it's way to the roof.  The brick and mortal detail looks fantastic.

However, the same thing that made it work really well as a chimney, which was that it ran right through the middle of the house, makes it very much in the way.  There is no getting around it, litteerally, so the smart thing to do is to get rid of it. 

The railing along the 2nd floor deck have been removed setting the stage for tearing the rest of it out.  We are likely replacing it with a roof, rather than a 2nd story deck.  I love the idea of the 2nd store deck, but it's 'on stage' for the neighborhood to see, it blocks some of the better feature of the house and I just don't think we'll use it that much.  We are going to put in a fantastic porch and deck area in the garden and I can't imagine why would choose to spend time up here rather than down in the garden.

Looking over the edge of the deck where the railing used to be, you can see how the yard has been mostly cleaned up.  I don't have confirmation yet, but that 40 yard bin may be the 9th one hauled away so far.  It's created more debris that I thought.  I'll report at the end of the clean up on the final numbers.

On the 2nd floor, you can see that most of the wallboard and insulation has been removed.  All the studs making up the interior walls will be demo'd this coming week.  You can see the chimney pass through the 2nd floor just left of center. 

This picture is taken looking up into the turret on the 2nd floor.  It's really tall inside.  Jenny loves this turret so much.  She's planning on creating a vertical library in the turret with hand holds and foot holds so you can climb up to get to the books on higher shelves.

Jenny is up on the 3rd floor looking down through a hold in the wall to the 2nd floor turret room. There are a lot of holes in the walls and floors.  It's a little unnerving walking around on floors when you can see through to the lower levels.

The 3rd floor attic space is looking great.  It's been totally demo'd.

The ceilings are beautiful in the raw form.  I keep having to remind Jenny that we'll have to insulate these ceilings and cover them back up.  She wants the house to stay like it is.  I think she'd like to whitewash everything and move in.

The basement is looking good.  There is still a finished room to demo'd down there but it's getting close.