On Going.

A poem by JennY



Going Queen 

You have no more room

In all of your rooms

Not even for air

Not a spot or corner 

Floors and ceilings meet

Keeping all the feelings stored

The end of one story

On Going

Unfinished business

Undone and out of time

Stacks and piles  

Of things for tomorrow

Clocks and hearts ticking

Just one more thing

One more 

One more

On Going

Each floor tells a hundred year story

Your staircases echo footsteps

All the tired legs


Catching breaths 

Up higher 

Pulses slowing 

You have been here the whole time

On Going

Hearing, holding, keeping everything

Let us lighten your load

Let us hold you up

You have roses

Roses that everyone loves 

You have apples and grapes and life

We want to inspire you to keep going

You have centuries ahead

We’ll give you new armor and confidence

Just give us some time

It’s all you have

Our clocks and hearts are ticking

You can count on that

Our lives are short

As you see us come you will see us go

On Going