It Begins!

You may have noticed that we started construction this week.  On Monday, November 12th 2018 I met with the general contractor to kick off the project. Like for realz. Jenny and I started this December 5th, 2016 when we made an offer on the house. I’m pleased to announce that a mere 707 days later we are officially remodeling this sweet old home.

It was a short meeting and nobody was swinging a hammer or using a shovel. It was mainly ceremonial so we could get together and say “I guess we're really doing this now?”.

The last time I checked in with y’all it was the first part of September.  Since then, we’ve been collecting all the “yeses” we needed to move forward.  There were a couple times over the last month were it looked like it might not happen.

We had to go into contract with the builder and agree on a final budget, navigate the financing with our bank and get permits from the city.  We had some challenges, but we overcame them.

As this week comes to an end you can now see there is a big dumpster in the yard and piles of dirt and concrete from the construction team tearing up the basement.

During the last two months, Jenny and I had mini celebrations whenever we cleared these final hurdles.  Like the day we got this:


And the day the bank sent this email:

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 1.06.35 PM.png

But it still felt like we needed to get together this Monday with the contractor, face to face, and pretend we had things to talk about. So we did that.

And then on Wednesday I went over the Going Queen to unplug my car and go to work and there were eight guys in the yard with a concrete saw, shovels and wheelbarrows.  One of them was climbing in through a windows. It was then I realized that yes, this was really really happening. I also realized that I should get them a key.

So, off we go then.  In case you are interested, I’m going to write a post about the details of our budget and another one about the financing.