Permit Ready Plans!

We received our permit ready plans form the architect and engineer. In full disclosure, this post is really late.  We actually received them back in mid-March.  We got updates in June and August.  But for purposes of dating the delivery of permit ready plans it should be mid-March. That puts at about 1 year to complete the designs.

The cost of the plans was $7,600 and the cost of engineering was $10,600 for total cost of $18,200 for the design phase.

A few weeks ago, Tom Shaw, our architect, send us a link to a 3D fly-through video of the plans.  You can tell from looking at this and reading his words that he loves what he does and he connected with our project.  Tom went the extra mile for us and put us in a place to fully understand the scope of the project.

Here's a link to the permit ready plans if you are into that kind of thing.

I invite you to take the plans for a spin.

Notes from Tom Shaw: “When I started putting the piece together, I thought it would just be about the house from my viewpoint. But, as I worked through it, I learned a lot. The house took on its own personality and became the protagonist having to defend itself from years of neglect after serving many years as a neighborhood asset. Finally the badass contractors arrive and decide her fate behind her back as if she was a rotting pile of lumber. The house only wants to be brought back to her former glory and serve the neighborhood once again. Then, from unknown circumstances, a sympathetic potential new owner arrives. Rather than them choosing the house, the soul of the house possesses their soul and has a heart to heart conversation. Through that conversation, they are chosen by the fallen queen to help her in her rise back to prominence. The rest is a triumph over destruction and bringing the Queen to the modern age to once again becoming a true asset of her neighborhood”.