April Update

I like writing this blog. I’ve been overcommitted at work for weeks which is slowing my roll but I do have a bunch of tedious details to offer and will unintentionally embarrass Jenny a few times with some over-sharing.

But for now, here’s a succinct update on our progress.

Outside stuff…

We hired a landscape architect who told us we’d need to plant trees in the planters along the street per city code.  To facilitate this, we relocated the roses. They’ve been temporarily ‘heeled-in’ to a pile of soil in the yard before they find a permanent home.  I know some of you love the roses and maybe had a moment when you saw we’d pulled them out. The roses are safe.

Subsequently, someone else told us it was not a code requirement to plant trees specifically along the street.  You have to plant somewhere on the property, but it doesn’t have to be along the road. I’m not sure what the requirement is, but we’ll be putting in trees and some ground cover soon either way.

We had an arborist come out to look at the two mature apple trees in the yard to prune and check on their health.  That was probably the worst thing we could have done for their health because he said we should cut them down. Apparently they’ve been pruned incorrectly over many years and the trees were in trouble and not worth saving.  They were cut this past weekend.

stuff we’ve completed...

The foundation work is done.  We have a new reinforced footing around the entire perimeter of the foundation as well as footings for all structural posts.  We have new reinforced concrete walls in the basement.

The porch and 2nd story deck have been demolished.  The attic floor was removed so it could be rebuilt. There was significant demolition and excavation work in the basement.


We have the new exterior framing work on the back of the house that encloses the new staircase to the basement and the small extension in the back of the kitchen.


stuff happening this week...

The posts and structural beams that are enabling us to open up the main floor are being installed.  We had to rework these with the engineer to keep them mostly tucked up into the ceiling. We are currently waiting on a welder to build the new custom brackets that are allowing us to hide the beams in the ceiling.

The basement floor is being poured.  This work is being coupled with a waterproofing system that is integrated into the floor.


After the welder finally graces us with his time, we’ll get the beams up.  That will enable the interior framing work that will happen throughout April.  The third floor has to be rebuilt, the internal walls framed and the window openings built.



With the brackets being finished today, they can hang these beams and then the interior framing can move forward. I was so happy to stare at this blue light this morning.

happening in May…

We ordered windows the first week in March.  I think the manufacturing lead time was 8 weeks.  These are being installed first week in May.

New footings for the porch and stairs will be poured in May and a new porch will be built.  After that, we’ll roof the new porch and the addition on the back of the house.

The siding is being removed, plywood is going on the outside and a vapor barrier will get installed.  After that, the new siding will go on.

I’ll be back soon with some project details, numbers, and materials.  So much fun stuff.