October 1st Move-In!

October 1st is our target completion date.

I asked our contractor Russ Bartels when we’d be done and he said end of August. I explained that we needed to commit to vacating our rental. He then said maybe end of October just to be safe.

As previously explained, we are renting a house just around the corner on 25th. Our lease was up 7/1, but our landlord has been gracious with us and let us stay a few extra months, even though it’s a great time for her to make the place available for rent.

I felt like staying at the rental until November would be pushing our luck with the owner so I committed to an 9/30 move-out. So, we are for sure going to move-in to some place on 10/1 and we hope it’s the Going Queen.

That will all work out, right?

When I look at the house today, on this warm mid-July Saturday afternoon, it’s difficult to see how that is going to happen. At the same time, things have moved so quickly the last month that is feels like a possibility. This week, a sheet rock crew showed up and got the ceilings done and a lot of the detail work on the corners and sloped walls. Someone said they would finish up on Monday. That would be 4 days to sheet rock the entire place if it’s true. I think it might be more like Tuesday but still… that’s so fast to sheet a 4,000 square foot house.


While I was walking around the yard today, someone from the roofing company came by to measure for the siding. There have been so many times during this project where I’ve lamented not learning Spanish. If I were to do this again, I would learn Spanish before the project kick-off so I could communicate with the hispanic tradespeople better. I asked him when they would be done with the siding the best I could. He said:

No hay manera en el infierno de que hagamos esto pronto. LOL gilipollas, estarás durmiendo bajo las estrellas el 1 de septiembre.

Even with my one semester of Spanish in the 1980’s I could tell he said they would be done by Friday. So impressive!

A few days ago, they came by to work out the trim details and completed an example window for me to take a look at.


I’m choosing to believe we’ll be done by 10/1.

We’ll still have work to do. We are contemplating re-roofing the house and we still have the exterior landscaping and the monstrosity of a garage to tear down. But by 10/1, the interior will be done except for some non-essential finish carpentry work.

I told Russ that Jenny I would be moving in with his family on 10/1 if the Going Queen wasn’t ready. Jenny got a little annoyed at me for saying that to him. She said I was creating stress. She’s very good at identifying when I’m stressing people out. I was joking at the time, but I just learned that Russ’ son is starting his freshman year at UO in August so we can probably have his room.

UPDATE: The date is 10/1, not 9/1. I published this without consulting my editor first lol.